Refund policy 

Cancellation of Competitions: 

NO REFUND OF ENTRIES WILL BE MADE, except in the event of unforeseen cancellation of the Show, when a £10.00 levy will be deducted from each entry to cover Administration costs. If the showground is changed due to weather conditions NO refunds will be made. 

Team Events & Young Judges: 

  • Once a member has paid for a place on a team then refunds will not be provided if they pull out. 
  • If a replacement can be found and the place filled then a refund can be offered without the HM or Stripe fee (if applicable). 
  • Should a member withdraw due to serious illness or injury then the refund should be reviewed in each individual circumstances. 


  • No refunds. 


  • No refunds unless place can be filled. If an event is cancelled monies can be refunded less an admin fee.